“You’re awesome!” and “We love having you here!” This is how we feel about each student in our community. Each one has their own unique “awesomeness” and we feel so honored that they choose to share it with us on a weekly basis. We also feel such a deep seated obligation to create an environment where the LOVE of Jesus can be felt and experienced, not just heard about.


Area 51 is about empowering, and providing opportunity for students to share the LOVE of Jesus which they, themselves, have experienced. Our attitude is such that as far as we can help it, we would have there be no outsiders as it concerns the Gospel of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. This is because we believe very strongly that the day of “comfortable”, “spectator-style” Christianity is over, and it is time for believers everywhere, especially students, to Move out of their comfort zones to share the LOVE of Jesus.

We are so thankful that you have taken your time to check us out. You’re awesome! And we look forward to seeing you at Area 51 Student Ministries!


Service Times:

Every Wednesday!

Main Event @ 7 PM